A miracle happens…

“Aren’t you planning to marry her? She’s a nice catch. Definitely different from the usual American girl. She’s sweet and beautiful, and she owns a business, too.”

Our Characters


“I’m sure he’ll understand. Please, John. Let’s talk it over.” ...“John, just—just calm down. We’ll figure something out.”....


“How about our Andy? What will you do about that?!” Helen was starting to get really distressed.


“But you know my father won’t just take Andy. And I don’t want to be separated from him!”

Uncle Frank

Then a few days later, Uncle Frank picked the both of us up.

Grandfather William

Whenever Uncle Frank visited me at Grandfather William’s, I always teased him about his name.


“I can’t now, Tommy. I want to celebrate with my family first, if you guys don’t mind.”


“Clyde? Clyde the antisocial? I haven’t heard from him since last year! How did Andy meet Clyde?”


Rita laughed. “But really, what happened? I did hear some stories from Frank, but I want to hear them from you.”

Lieutenant Brad

“My name’s Brad. Sorry for asking this, but are you sure you want to be here? You look too lanky and quiet.”

Sergeant Drill

“Meh. This is nothing. My Drill Sergeant’s punches were a lot worse.”


Emily was just 18 years old when I met her. She worked in a pharmacy where I often bought medicine for my mother and grandfather.


When little Will was born, I was truly happy. I saw how elated my grandfather was when I got married and when Will entered the world—our world. My mother felt the same way, too.


“How are you doing, Billy?”
“Hey, Andy. I guess I’m fine.”
“Anything I can do for you?”


“Come on. If me and Roel were free men, we’d be the first ones reeling in some Korean ass.”


“By the way, Andy is now your temporary Sergeant since they haven’t given us a replacement for Henry, God bless his soul.”


One of those locals is Yumi—the Korean lady I saved.


“When will Mister Kwon visit the shop again?”


“Girlfriend? Are you sure about that?” Peter laughed.

Mr. Pak

“Hello, Mrs. Pak, may I speak to your husband Mr. Pak?”

Đan Thu

“Oh, it’s Thu. Đan Thu. I live near here and I own a flower shop.”


I stayed in an Army hospital to recover. There I met Amanda, my current wife.


I was able to meet you, Xuan. And now that you’ve heard all of my stories, what do you think? Do you think I am your father?”

Retired Soldier

Meanwhile, trouble is brewing again in Asia, and communism is the usual suspect….
The guys were probably as excited as I was. They were completely supportive of my plan. They gave me courage and confidence. They even provided unsolicited advice. Most of the advice was useless, but it helped to calm my nerves….
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A Story About.


But alas, their weak bodies were no match for a Korean War hero. In one fell swoop, they were all thrown on the floor of the shop.


She had fair white skin, rose-colored lips, almond-shaped eyes… the list goes on and on.


Andy hugged his daughter, knowing that he had found peace at last.

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